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About Us

Emmette H. Cusberth, II, President

Joe Bartosh, General Manager

After thirty years in the trucking industry, and always needing repairs on my own equipment, I desired to open my own first class truck and trailer repair shop to the public.  I discussed my thoughts with my

general manager, Joe Bartosh, who served as one of my mechanics for years at my private truck shop, and we decided that there was a need for an honest, clean and reliable truck and trailer repair shop.  That discussion led to one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Our mechanics have a combined total of thirty-five years experience and are certified in all aspects of truck and trailer repairs.

Being familiar with the needs of the trucking industry, I found what I consider to be an ideal location.  With all of the above in mind, you will see that we are committed to keeping you going down the road.


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